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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles : Alpine Fields Suck December 8, 2008

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sarahconnorOk it’s official as far as we’re concerned. Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles sucks.

Tonight’s episode was total garbage. There was more dead air (and not the shooting kind) than dialogue or actual action.

The show was so bad to be honest we could NOT watch it end to end -we watched much of it in PIP window while watching The Big Bang Theory – and switching to see when something looked like it might be happening.

It’s a darn shame – we really had high hopes for this show in the beginning – the new season looked like it good be a good one too – but it’s not. I’ts just a waste of time at this point and I doubt we’ll bother to watch another live episode again – much easier to record and then fast forward through the garbage….which is most of the show.


1. Dave - December 10, 2008

I would have to disagree with you on this, i feel that last weeks was a nice change of the norm and this week, while not as original was a welcome addition.

2. Darrin - December 12, 2008

Yes, I have to agree. I too was disappointed with the episode. The series started out great, but now seems to be losing momentum. The writers were hinting at alot of good story lines, but they aren’t following through.

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4. Some Guy - December 17, 2008

Personally, I liked it. It wasn’t a complete episode, of course — more like the first half of a two-parter (typical network cliffhanger stuff). Still, they got a number of interesting plotlines going and I’ll be curious to see how they turn out in the first episode of the next season.

I particularly like the fact that there are quite a few players here whose motives are unclear and have yet to be revealed.

I can’t agree with you that the series as a whole sucks — I think it’s some of the best writing on television. They have avoided a lot of the obvious cliches (too much action, etc.) and have focused on building intrigue, which, IMHO, was a much better direction to take the series in.

5. Vlad the Impala - December 18, 2008

Alpine Fields was “terrible”? If that’s some sort of slang for “absolutely fraking amazingly GREAT” then I’ll agree one hundred percent. We got to see real human beings trying desperately to deal with a horrible situation. Sure, the show isn’t mindless shoot-em-ups from start to finish. It’s got actual characters with real emotions and real consequences to their actions. The situation they’re in, no wonder they’re screwed up.

In Alpine Fields, we got to see Derrek as a field surgeon. He’s not just a grunt. We saw the next generation Sarah Connor in Lauren — what an amazingly level-headed, courageous young woman. Hopefully she’ll not become as damaged as Sarah Connor has. We got to see Cameron in action, and for once she got her arse kicked. That’s a good reminder that she’s not a super-Terminator, she’s tough, but the other machines are just as tough. What’s not to like about the show? I don’t know what “dead air” you think you saw.

I fear that the Sarah Connor Chronicles are too good for television.

6. happygilmore - December 21, 2008

tscc is poor at best. who would have thought that a terminator would be in counseling. Stop filling the show with estrogen.

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