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Stargate Atlantis Vegas : SO5E19 January 4, 2009

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Wow what a great episode – and sadly the second last ever for Stargate Atlantis.

From beginning to end this episode had a real CSI feel – and that duelling metal and Johhny Cash Solitary Man soundtracks were just magnificient.

What if John Sheppard’s life had gone just a little different? This episode with him as a down on his luck Vegas cop tracking a killer (aka Wraith) fit perfectly. It’s still Sheppard – just a down on his luck version.

The Wraith with the makeup making his way in Vegas was also awesome – i’ll be doing a double take next time i’m in Vegas to make sure i’m not playing poker against a Wraith.

The funniest line? From McKay when he says well he’s not a Klingon at the Star Trek Experience – cause that closed down a few months ago!!

Sure there are those that will argue that for the second last episode of Stargate Atlantis we should’ve seen a more plot focussed story – I disagree.

This tangent to a parallel universe proves once again that Stargate Atlantis was not a copy of SG-1. Atlantis stands on its own merits. The brilliant story telling of this episode may not necessarily advance the mainline Atlantis story but it is a story that was incredibly entertaining and one of the best episodes in the entire five year run of Stargate Atlantis.

Talk about saving the best for last.

Now all we’ve got left is the final episode –


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