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Tron Night Review – 20 mins of footage a mix of plot and action. Welcome to the grid program – End of line. October 28, 2010

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We just got back from the local Tron Night event – we were the first ones at the theater …when the lights finally went out the theater was only half full.

The first scene we saw was Sam Flynn in his garage home with the same clip that is in the film’s trailer (‘i got a page from the arcade”)

the second scene was Sam going to the arcade – with some great 80’s tunes blaring the background…made us think though…if the phone had been disconnected for 20 yrs, how come the power wasn’t cut off?

the third scene we saw was sam getting picked up on the grid -with another program going AWOL and jumping…the grid looks awesome the 3D was slick.

the fourth scene was Sam getting ‘suited up’ the chicks have some kind of laser cutting fingers…neat.

the fifth scene gave us sam and the return of Tron Deadly Disks — MAN WAS THIS AWESOME..slick and fast paced..

then we had an ok scene with the light racers as Sam is rushed off the grid to find his dad. Meeting up with his dad was another scene, a bit mellow and lame, but hey part of the plot.

finally we got what looked like the tron music video montage…

Overall some new footage we’ve never seen anywhere else, some awesome 3D visuals and fantastic deadly disk action.

The schwag was a little basic, we got a poster – nice but that was it.


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