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Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigation : Watching the Clock review August 24, 2011

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Time travel is a constant theme in the Star Trek canon – this book is the first we’ve seen that specifically deal with the Federation’s temporal agency.

Overall the book is a decent read, though the plot with all of its time jumping, time lines and such is extremely confusing to follow along.

The entire subplot in the axis of time is a disaster and we mostly skipped those section as they were ridiculously convoluted and hard to follow.

The story does interweave nicely with timeline stuff from TNG, Voyager, DS9 and Enterprise episodes. Especially and front and center are the character of Dulmur and Lucsly (spoofs on Muldur and Scully from the Xfiles..remember that show?). Both those characters are pretty well drawn out.

We do get some real insight into the Temporal Cold War that dominated many of Star Trek Enterprise’s stories…and we finally learn the identity of the Sponsor (remember the Suliban).

A decent read, not great, but worth a bit of your….time.


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