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Jolene Blalock on Star Trok (10 Items or less) April 30, 2009

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Just came across 10 Items or Less (TBS) and an episode called ‘Star Trok’.  Funny stuff.

Basically the store (G&G) decides to have a Star Trek convention, but they can’t call it Trek (legal reasons) so they call it Trok.

Somehow they get Jolene Blalock (T’pol from Enterprise) to show up, but first she gets stuck in the freezer for a bit ..and well just go to TBS and watch the whole thing for free. It’s good fun and Jolene is great.

Starship Trooper 3: Marauder REVIEW August 13, 2008

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When we first heard about this movie we didn’t have high hopes for it. As it turns out Starship Trooper 3:Marauder is good fun.

Part of that fun comes from seeing Jolene Blalock (yes that Jolene the Vulcan from Star Trek Enterprise) playing a bad ass Fleet Commander.

The dialogue/acting – as to be expected – isn’t Oscar quality, but the movie is enjoyable. We don’t quite know till the end what the deal is with the SM and their are a few subplots that give this movie a little bit of complexity and depth.

The Marauder idea (the fighting outfits the grunts get) is actually closer to the original Starship Troopers concept that was in the original Robert Heinlein story. I’m not sure this movie is better than than the first Starship Trooper (definately better than the second one) – but it is – let’s say – just as good.