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Battlestar Galatica Zarek issue # 4 The Circle Is Complete April 29, 2007

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Zarek isn’t just a freedom fighter, he’s also a hero that saved lives when the Cylon invasion happened.

What’s more he returned to the prison barge that was transferring him to a parole hearing once he saved people from the Cylons.


I’m not sure if this Battlestar Galactica Zarek series is considered to be BSG canon, but it should be.

From the first issue all the way to this last one, Zarek has held my attention with solid action, plot and character development of Zarek.

Zarek is a somewhat misunderstood BSG character, piece by piece in the SciFi show they’ve pulled out tidbits of his backstory…BUT this comic book series IS the backstory.

If you missed individual issues at your local retailer, you’re still in luck. A tradepaperback version of the collected four issue set will be out in July.

Battlestar Galatica Zarek issue # 3 April 27, 2007

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Continuing from the first two issues in this series (which ShowMeSciFi reviewed here), this third issue take us into Zarek’s life behind bars.

Zarek is of course a beloved character because of Richard Hatch and the classic BSG attachment BUT this comic book series takes it to another level.

Out in the public Zarek’s story was definitely interesting, behind bars its even better. What kind of genius is this dude? A real methodical and well organized one.

It’s too bad this is only a four issue series but then again, it is only filling in a very specific gap.Who is Tom Zarek and how did he end up on the prison barge?

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Apocalypse issue #2 – Cylons came from snakes?! April 17, 2007

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With the popularity of the new re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, there has been alot of speculation about how the Cylons evolved from machines to flesh and blood.

Cylon Apocalypse issue #2 offers a potential answer – though it will never EVER show up in the new series – since Cyclon Apocalypse is a classic era based comic.

Long story short is that the Cylon are experimenting with some kind of biogenic substance that reverts the cylons to a reptilian/mamilian form.

In this issue of the comic (which continues from the excellent issue #2). Adama decides to try and negotiate with a Cylon viceroy but as well all know there is no negation with the cylon.

GREAT FRAKKING STUFF. It really makes me wish that the new show was
a) actually on now instead of on an 8 month hiatus
b) that the new show had an imperious leader, viceroys and cylon mainframe worlds.

In the absence of the SciFi show, the Dynamite Entertainment comic series is THE BEST BSG thing running.

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Apocalypse – issue #1 April 12, 2007

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Dual revelations rock the rag-tag fleet as a routine Viper patrol puts them on the edge of a bizarre scene – Cylon Raiders attacking one of their own Basestars!

With the regular SciFi channel series out till January..comics are the only salvation for BSG fans.

Dynamites Cylon Apocalypse is a welcome respite…

Sure it’s classic era stuff..and sure they now use the word FRAK alot more often..

But it’s good (pulp) fun. Art is rudimentary but o.k, story is predictable but entertaining.

This is the first issue in a four issue set and one that we’ll continue to review here on ShowMeSciFi till it’s conclusion.

What happens when New Cylons Find Old Cylons? April 6, 2007

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Just because SciFi network has no new episodes of Battlestar Galactica for another 8 months doesn’t mean that their aren’t ‘new’ BSG stories being told.

The Battlestar Galactica comic series is one such outlet

The current thread in Dynamite Entertainments main BSG #7 has a wickedly cool plot line where the fleet finds an ancient antebellum Cylon fleet (that is pre-cylon war cylons – the cylons that the colonies used to fight earch other at one point and look like te ones from the classic series – By Your Command – and all that..)that ends up taking commands from Adama. He then uses the old cylons to fight the new ones.

Why can’t the TV show do stuff like that?

I guess it’s cause Mr.Moore and crew are too tied up worrying about big moral issues and frakking around with character issues rather than trying to whoop it up with some good cylon on cylon smackdown action.

AT this point, with the show off the air for 8 months, Dynamite’s BSG comics series really is the BEST BSG ticket around.

Oh and if you ever doubted that Starbuck is a Cylon…don’t.  Just check out the cover (above) for issue number 7!

Steve Jobs Is A Cylon !!! March 28, 2007

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Steve Jobs is a cylon! Explains a lot doesn’t it?

Think about it a human looking entitiy bent on having good looking technology infiltrate and take over our lives..

It’s also the title of a really cool Battlestar Galactica fan flick in which a pair of geeks running a Mac with an iPod attached are illegally downloading a BSG episode and get a ‘virus’.

The vid really gets interesting 1:50 seconds into the video. One dude says, “Mac’s don’t get viruses’ AND then…well just watch the FRAKIN YouTube video. Great stuff, a must for all Apple haters and BSG lovers.

(oh and be sure to keep your iPod nailed down or risk get blasted)

Battlestar Galactica Movie all about Pegasus March 26, 2007

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So now that Season 3 is officially over for Battlestar Galactica – we’ve got 8 long months until we see Season 4. In the interim there will be a Battlestar Galactica direct to DVD movie – all about the Battlestar Pegasus. In an awesome interview, Ronald D. Moore explains what’s going to happen.

That story will not pick up our cliffhanger at the end of Season 3. That didn’t seem right. The story will be set on the Battleship Pegasus and will take place in the past, relative to where we are in Season 3. But the events set up in that story will then pay off in Season 4.

…. Since we won’t be back until January, which is a long time to be off the air, it gives the fans something to see and keeps the show alive. So it serves multiple masters. There was no way we could pick up the cliffhanger in that format, and then ask people to wait to really start the season later. One of the story lines everyone had really liked was the Pegasus story and the character of Admiral Cain, so we decided to go with that.

Moore also drops a real bomb- apparently he hasn’t yet determined whether or not Season 4 will be the last season for BSG either.

The way i see it Season 4 is all about the origins of the cylon race as well as the human race. When and if both of those plot lines are resolved the show really should end.

Read the full interview with Moore on Salon.com

Battlestar Galactica Season 4 Extended to 22 Episodes – and a few ideas to keep the show fresh March 22, 2007

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Originally set for only 13 episodes, word has come down from SciFi that an additional 9 shows have now been ordered.

I guess that’s pretty good frakking news.

When BSG rocks it really rocks.

BUT the show needs to kick it up a notch or two if it’s going to pump through to season 5 (if that’s the plan). We know that season 4 is going to have alot to do with final 5 cylons and the search for earth.

There is only so long you can stretch things out before they get bad so i really hope that they line up some other interesting plot angles that will truly take BSG over the top.

Here are a few of my own suggestions…

1) Where is the illustrious leader of the Cylon race? Wouldn’t that make for some interesting plot?

2) Introduce a third ‘alien’ race – non humanoid that hates both Cylon and human

3) Mirror Universe baby!! It works for Trek why not BSG?

Katee Sackhoff to star in the Bionic Woman (kinda/sorta cylon’ish..) March 20, 2007

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Katee Sackhoff is set to guest star in a re-imagining of the 1970s show.

Sadly Lindsay Wagner who played the original bionic woman isn’t in the show and Lee Majors the bionic man isn’t likely to appear either.

This time around as in the 70’s the show centers on Jamie Sommers now played by Michelle Ryan, a woman who is turned into a walking technological miracle after a car crash. Sackhoff will play Sarah, an evil bionic woman and nemesis to Sommers.

Why doesn’t she does play an evil robot hell bent on the destruction of humanity? oh wait i forgot she already does that on Battlestar Galactica .

So i guess that makes Sackhoff a fembot??

Battlestar Galactica – Season 3 Finale – SPOILERS (don’t read this post if you want to be surprised – you have been warned) March 16, 2007

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Looks like SciFi sent out some screening copies of the season 3 finale of Battlestar Galactica – and the screeners are all over the frakking place.

So for those of you who like surprises – FRAK OFF AND GO AWAY.

** last chance….


Now for the rest of you – here’s just a bit of the spoilers you’re looking for.

1) Kara Thrace is back (as ShowMeSciFi predicted) though it’s not what you think (she comes back in the final episode in a viper saying that she’s been to Earth).

2) Baltar is found not guilty. Immediately after the verdict CYLONS ATTACK.

Frakking finally! Though didn’t the end of Season Two end with the cylons attacking too? I wonder if all seasons will end with a Cylon Attack.

3) Final five cylons? Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol, Sam Anders and Tory Foster (Roslin’s aide) all hear the same music in their head and are all driven to the same launch tube.

Battlestar Galactica The Son Also Rises March 11, 2007

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What the FRAK?!

Nice plodding plot…if the whole series was like this episode I’d be lining up to start a site called KillBSG (like KillEnterprise.com)

Poorly written and poorly executed this was among the worst BSG episodes yet. I really hope they pick it up a notch for the final two episodes, otherwise beyond the core fans this show will go limping into its next season. What a let down after the last episode which was so wickedly awesome.

Captain Mal (Firefly) vs. Caprica Six (Battlestar Galactica) March 7, 2007

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Who would win in a fight between Captain Mal (Firefly) vs. Caprica Six (Battlestar Galactica)?
Apparently the two of them dated…Nathon Fillion talks all about it in this YouTube vid from WonderCon 2007.

Starbuck will be back because Katee Sackhoff was only 3 years into a 6 year contract March 6, 2007

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Further proof that Starbuck will be back.
Last week’s episode was likely her last for a little while but the money is going to pull her back in.

Katee Sackhoff was only 3 years into a 6 year contract.

She divulges that and much more in an awesome radio interview with 101.1 KUFO-FM, Portland.

Get the MP3 here.

Battlestar Galactica – 3×17 Maelstrom – Bonus Scene March 6, 2007

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Just in case you haven’t seen it at SciFi.com here’s the bonus scene from last weeks’ Maelstrom episode.

Makes me wonder how much additional footage they shoot beyond what actually shows up in any given show. I’d wager in this season it’s enough to shoot another two full episodes..

Starbuck is DEAD ! – Or is she?! (of course not cause she’s a cylon) March 5, 2007

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wow. Battlestar Galactica season 3 episode Malestrom was just WOW.

We’ve known this whole season that Cara Thrace (Starbuck) would be dying this season. That spoiler emerged as a confirmed plot item in the BSG Gag reel .

What I had expected was that Starbuck’s ‘death’ would be in the last episode of Season 3 as a sort of season ending cliff-hanger. But that’s now obviously not the case since Starbuck apparently ‘died’ in the Malestrom episode.


As i’ve suspected for some time Starbuck is really one of the final ‘missing’ Cylons…and as such…


Likely on a resurrection ship of some sort and i suspect we’ll see that before the end of season 3.

ALSO..the show didn’t have it all…there is a bonus segment now available on SciFi.com that fills in some important blanks.

Battlestar Galactica Dirty Hands – bonus scene and poll February 26, 2007

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Battlestar Galactica ‘Dirty Hand’s’ was a pretty solid episode. No it’s not ‘hard’ science fiction but it speaks to the heart of what makes BSG great. Namely deep philosophical and ethical discussion about society.

Does where you are from and who your parents are dictate you will become?
It’s an age old question.

The only real surprise for me was that Baltar emerges as the ‘hero’ for the underclass, which was totally unexpected.

SciFi.com is running a contest now (click the pic link at the top of the post) about ‘Dirty Hands’. The question this week is whether the tylium workers were being treated unfairly?

As of the time of this posting 39% of respondents responded that they thought they were being treated unfairly. What do you think?

Oh and SciFi.com has also posted a bonus segment from the episode it gives a bit of insight into cali and tyrol but nothing too important. I’ve linked to a low-quality YouTube version below..enjoy!

Battlestar Galactica Zarek -issues 1 and 2 February 22, 2007

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The first Battlestar Galactica comic series that I read from Dyanamite was decent but not dynamite (gotta love puns). Zarek is another story altogether.


The only reason why anyone cares about Zarek in the show is because the character is played by Classic Battlestar Galactica veteran Richard Hatch. The Zarek comic dives deep into Zarek’s past and in the first two issues that i’ve read thus far, provides a riveting tale that kept me turning the pages.
The art in this series is also very solid, morso than in the Dynamite’s regular Battlestar Galactica comic.

This is SciFi comic book story telling at its finest and is definitely not to be missed.

Battlestar Galactica comics – issues 0-4 February 20, 2007

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I finally got around to picking up the new Battlestar Galactica comic book series from Dynamite.

Starting with issue #0 this series puts readers head first into the action. For those that haven’t been watching or following the new BSG on TV – forget about this comic you’ll be totally lost.

For those who follow the show, who just can’t get enough with a weekly fix..the comic books are good outlet.

Though i only picked up the first five issues, it get a bit confusing since Dynamite publishes 4 or more covers for each issue. I understand why they do that but it’s not like i’m going to buy all four cover variants anyway.

The series (at least issue 0-5) take place in the middle of season two. I’m not sure and haven’t seen any evidence that states that the comic book is bona fide BSG canon. That aside the first story arc is kinda cool.

The Cylons were built by man. We know that. But we’ve not seen Cylons take commands (By Your Command) from humans. When Galactica stumbles upon an ancient Cylon fleet they end up as ‘slaves’ to the BSG crew and Adama.

There is also an interesting twist about how many Cylon models there are.

In the comic there are alot more models than in the show. Zak Adama in fact is one such Cylon re-creation.
I’m not sure where it’s all headed but it is an interesting enough story line.

Art on the other hand is another story altogether.

Simply put i don’t care for the art in this series so far. Adama doesn’t look like Adama, President Roslyn is portrayed like Caprica Six which makes no sense to me. Overall characters don’t even come close to what they look like on TV, not even in a stylized comic book way.

Will I continue to buy BSG comics? Sure, i need as much BSG as I can find. But if you’re not a diehard, you could probably live without this series.

Battlestar Galactica : A Day In the Life February 19, 2007

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Nice solid episode. Apparently Baltar isn’t the only one with voices in his head – as Adama hears the voice of his dead wife. Does that mean the Adama’s are cylons too? Probably not.

This is one of those stories that is a character building episode – in this case more layers being added to the Adama story mostly with a little to Tyrol. Tyrol gets top billing in the next episode “Dirty Hands” where he organizes a strike – check out SciFi.com for the full preview.

Battlestar Galactica – Direct to DVD movie in the works February 16, 2007

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We know that SciFi.com has picked up Battlestar Galactica for a Fourth season,

We also know that there is a prequel in the works called ‘Caprica’ which is likely to appear in 2008

Caprica would take place more than half a century before the events that play out in Battlestar Galactica. The people of the Twelve Colonies are at peace and living in a society not unlike our own, but where high technology has changed the lives of virtually everyone for the better.

Apparently a BSG movie is in the works too that will be all about  the original Cylon attack on the 12 Colonies as well as the escape of the Pegasus and Admiral Cain.

It kinda sounds like a Babylon 5 – In The Beginning – thing to me. Would be wickedly cool either way. Imagine – the entire colonial fleet spread across at least 12 worlds in full battle against the Cylon armada. Sure most of em are dead in space and get picked off like sittting ducks but still….