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uspsjedimaster.jpgFinally! is live so now there is no doubt that jedi mail is coming...

The US Post Office just has a little teaser up now with a few clips from Star Wars..and a big hint –

MARCH 28TH is the day that US Postal Service will formally announce


I have no doubt whatsoever that it’s the R2D2 post boxes and likely some stamps and other 30th anniversary stuff.


Star Wars Legacy # 9 review March 16, 2007

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This series does not disappoint.

In this issue – in which Cade Skywalker doesn’t have a line – the story is still awesome filling in the wider picture of what’s going on in the galaxy. With the Sith on Coruscant, the Galactic Alliance remnant floating about, and the true Emperor sitting at Bastion it’s alot going on.

Now the Galactic Alliance remnant may forge an alliance with the true emperor – than again they might not. Guess we’ll see what happens in issue #10.

Star Wars Legacy is Star Wars storytelling at its finest. The only small disappointment is the art in this one..but it’s another one (like issue #8) where Jan Duursema is absent and in comparison to her everyone else is second rate in my book.

Star Wars Legacy of the Force Exile – Review March 15, 2007

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I had been waiting for this book for months and bought it the day it hit the shelves . It was worth the wait.

Another awesome chapter in the Star Wars saga but then again what else should any of us expect?

At this point these books are written to a formula:
• crisis,
• escape from crisis,
• move to next crisis from multiple points
• escape from final crisis while leaving breadcrumbs for the next crisis to open the next book.

The best part of this book for me was likely, Exile’s first escape from crisis which occurs as Han, Leia, Corrran , Wedge and family escape from Correlia as Wedge resigns from the Correlian military.

Overall this installment in the Star Wars Legacy of the Force moreso than any other yet is all about plot progression as opposed to any sort of deeper character development. Not that there is anything wrong with that. This book is all about action and plenty of it.

With Correlia and its allies in an all out war against the Alliance one could hardly expect the book to just be about a bunch of diplomats talking.

Only in the final pages of the final chapter do we see some deeper character development in Jacen as he continues his decent into the dark side. Lumiya tells him that he must choose his Sith name and his sacrifice. Not coincidentally Sacrifice is the name of the next installment in this series. The Darth Who contest should also be wrapped up then so we’ll definitely know Jacen’s Sith name too and I’d expect Lucas to go all out on promotions.

Star Wars Legacy of the Force Exile is a raucous page turning, swashbuckling adventure that I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend. If you haven’t yet indulged in the Legacy of the Force Series you should, the previous books (Betrayal , Bloodlines and Tempest) are all great …and the next one is likely to be even better. I can’t wait to see ‘Darth Solo’ in action!

Stephen Hawking : The Universe Started From Nothing. March 14, 2007

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Everyone has heard about the Big Bang when it comes to the scientific theory of the origin of the universe.

But what came before the Big Bang?

According to world renowned scientist Stephen Hawking the answer is:


At the Berkeley Physics Oppenheimer Lecture, Hawking said yesterday that he now believes the universe spontaneously popped into existence from nothing.

You can listen to the Real Media stream of Hawking’s presentation here.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic issue # 14 March 14, 2007

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This series is really starting to suck quite badly.

While Knights of the Old Republic started out as an awesome new series it has steadily declined in quality over the past few months. This most recent issue was totally pointless, poorly written and has artwork that is totally mundane and lackluster.

This issue is the second issue an story arc that began in issue #13 . I had high hopes at the time that this might finally kick it up a notch. I am sorely disappointed.

Zayne should be hunted down by all sides, there should be sith, jedi and mandalorians at ever corner. Instead there is a boring, plodding and altogether predicable slow plot that just keeps meanering along.

I’m at the point where I can no longer recommend this series to the casual reader – I’ll keep buying it myself so i can review it on ShowMeSciFi – so if anything does happen and Dark Horse turns this around – this blog will be the first toast and cheer for its return to glory.

Teal’c (Christopher Judge) to Guest Star on Stargate Atlantis March 13, 2007

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We already know that Samantha Carter is moving over to Atlantis starting next year when SG-1 is off the air.

Now word has come that that Teal’c (brilliantly played by actor Christopher Judge) will be on Atlantis too.

Don’t get too excited it’s only a guest spot according to early reports but it does give hope. Hope that SG-1 characters can continue to co-exist even when their show is only available on DVD.

Long Live Atlantis!

(for more info on Atlantis Season 4 check out Atlantis screenwriter Joe Malllozi’s blog)

Google Blog Search Now 15 hours Behind Technorati *UPDATED* March 13, 2007

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In the continuing series on where gets indexed on Technorati and Google’s Blog Search…As of 3 PM Eastern on March 13th , Google blog search is 15 hours behind Technorati at indexing this site.

Technorati is currently up to date with indexing the blog while Google’s blog search has not index this site in the past 21 hours. In that time, there have been two stories posted.

According to Technorati they are:

Star Trek The Next Generation Turns 20 which was posted 15 hours ago


Make your own Enterprise out of paperclips!

which was posted 4 hours ago.

I’m not sure how to improve the Google Blog Search indexing, they don’t offer a manual ping but if there are any googlers out there with any ideas please comment below.

 **UPDATE** as of about 20 minutes after this story was first posted Google Blog Search caught up to Technorati. Thanks Google!!! I’ll keep looking to see what the lag may be on future posts and will report on the relative indexing speed of both.

Make your own Enterprise – out of paperclips! March 13, 2007

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Forget about doodling or using paperclips to clean under your nails (admit it you’ve done it! i know you have!!).

YOU CAN now put those restless clips to good work in defense of the United Federation of Planets.

Full how to instructions are available here.

Star Trek The Next Generation Turns 20 March 12, 2007

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It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years since Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) first premiered.

I remember very well the first time I saw the first episode (Encounter at Farpoint) thinking man they sure do zoom in alot on that Picard guy, but holy crap Q is cool.

While you can’t argue with the fact that Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan really brought back Star Trek as a franchise.

You similarly simply cannot argue that Star Trek TNG is not responsible for the resurrection of Star Trek on TV. TNG introduced us to androids and klingons on the bridge, a blind ship’s engineer. Q, the Borg, the holodeck. Ferengi and countless other icons that are now staples of the SciFi lexicon.

Two of the best TNG episodes ever are the first episode (Encounter at Farpoint) and the very last one, All Good Things Must Come To An End. It was a show that has held our attention and imaginations for 20 years. It was also the last Star Trek in which Star Trek creator and visionary Gene Roddenberry had a direct hand.

It’s unfortunate that it did come to an end, and now with TNG’s cast no longer in the Star Trek movies it is somewhat sad to think that it has been 20 years since it all began. It is even sadder given the dismal failure that was Star Trek Enterprise and the disaster in progress known as Star Trek XI.

Perhaps  TNG’s writers did have to right in the end as all good things must come to and end.

Star Trek as The Next Generation officially turns 20 the week of September 28, 2007. Starting from March of 2007 Paramount will start to roll out a new 20th Anniversary logo on the site as well as on licensed Star Trek products .

Babylon 5 Lost Tales – How Fans Literally Saved The New Show March 12, 2007

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The original Babylon 5 Series is one of the best (if not the best) SciFi series of all time.

After nearly a decade in which we have seen no main story B5 shows or’s finally coming back, thanks in no small part to the efforts of fans like you and me.

Apparently alot was lost by Warner Bros after the original series completed its on air run.

Ironically, it was the fan base that came to the rescue.
J. Michael Straczynski creator and writer of the B5 franchise found this twist ironic.

In a recent interview he said:

“We created the show initially, then the fans created their version, then we had to go to the fans to make the show again.” Full circle.

But what about the story?

Well for one this isn’t the ill fated B5 Crusade which was never properly finished. Though the Technomage Galen does make an appearance.

In segment one, Sheridan is en route to Babylon 5 for the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Interstellar Alliance, when he picks up an unexpected guest, and segment two follows Lochley on Babylon 5 preparing for Sheridan’s arrival. Each runs about 35 minutes.

Personally i can hardly wait for Lost Tales. There is no better SciFi scriptwriter alive today then J. Michael Straczynski.

For more on Lost Tales check out the story on

Battlestar Galactica The Son Also Rises March 11, 2007

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What the FRAK?!

Nice plodding plot…if the whole series was like this episode I’d be lining up to start a site called KillBSG (like

Poorly written and poorly executed this was among the worst BSG episodes yet. I really hope they pick it up a notch for the final two episodes, otherwise beyond the core fans this show will go limping into its next season. What a let down after the last episode which was so wickedly awesome.

Star Trek XI – Will Simply Be Called Trek March 10, 2007

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Multiple news outlets are confirming that Star Trek XI will be called:

Not Wrath of Kahn (ST 2)

Not Search for Spoke (ST 3)

Not the Voyage Home (ST 4)

Not the Final Frontier (ST 5)

Not the Undiscovered Country (ST6)

Not Generations (ST 7)

Not First Contact (ST 8 )

Not Insurrection (ST 9)

Not Nemesis (ST 10)


How freaking lame is that? HOw lazy are these SOBs putting this movie together?

Apparently no actors have been signed and the screenplay isn’t done yet either. BUT apparently these braniacs already know that they are releasing this ‘generically titled’ Star Trek flik for Xmas 2008.

If the Star Trek franchise were in my hands – i would title Star Trek XI – The Neutral Zone and just have it as all all out battle royale between the Federation, Klingons and Romulans.

SciFi Interior Design – All the way to the can March 10, 2007

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Ever wanted to completely remodel your pad into a Star Trek replica?

Well now you can – with the help of what may be the world’s first SciFi interior design firm called 24th Century Design.

His own pad is totally decked out with voice-activated LED lighting throughout, hi-tech HVAC systems and authentic sound effects.

Apparently the dude that runs the firm got the idea to go Trek after his wife left him. Guess that’s probably why he’s living in a bachelor pad.

For more details on this ultimate fanboy interior design firm check out the firm’s site or this awesome interview he recently gave to Electronic House.

One of my fav pics of his pad – the dude even did the can!

RvD2: Ryan vs. Dorkman 2 the ultimate fanboy lightsaber duel March 9, 2007

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RvD2: Ryan vs. Dorkman 2 is now one of my fav fanboy lightsaber duels ever.

Long story short two average dudes duke it out in a factory with real slick saber action that is jaw droppingly awesome. The footage is professionally done and the lightsaber sounds and effects are top notch.

One of my fav sequence occurs at 4:20 where the two of them use the force to try and attrack and repel a lightsaber that has been dropped. The one dude finally wins out but then the butt of the saber hits him in the head – JUST CLASSIC.

Then at 5:48 he gets his hand cut off and to add insult to injury gets his knee sliced too…almost like Monty Python Holy Grail and the black knight scene.

Anyways without any further ado – RvD2: Ryan vs. Dorkman 2 live from YouTube.

Jedi Mail from the US Postal Service March 9, 2007

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The US Postal Service is getting into the spirit this 30th anniversary year of Star Wars. Looks like they’ve even got a website planned : that is not yet active.

I wonder if that means they’ll also have Sith Stamps?

More details at TheForce

Technorati now beats Google for indexing Showmescifi March 8, 2007

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Barely a month ago I ranted about how Technorati was inferior to Google for indexing sites.

I WAS WRONG (apparently).

My general premise was that Technorati was indexing this (and other sites) not nearly as regularly as Google’s blog search. As of this AM, that’s not the case.

A story posted more than 14 hours ago on is indexed on Technorati and yet is it not on Google’s blog search. Which for all intents and purposes means that Technorati for this blog at least, may well now be more accurate than Google.

Sure it has alot to do with the regularity of posting. When ShowMeSciFi posts every day, Technorati seems to be indexing this site better, while Google remains relatively constant or lagging.

Regardless, my apologies to Technorati, I shouldn’t have doubted you and keep up the fine work.

Captain Mal (Firefly) vs. Caprica Six (Battlestar Galactica) March 7, 2007

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Who would win in a fight between Captain Mal (Firefly) vs. Caprica Six (Battlestar Galactica)?
Apparently the two of them dated…Nathon Fillion talks all about it in this YouTube vid from WonderCon 2007.

Starbuck will be back because Katee Sackhoff was only 3 years into a 6 year contract March 6, 2007

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Further proof that Starbuck will be back.
Last week’s episode was likely her last for a little while but the money is going to pull her back in.

Katee Sackhoff was only 3 years into a 6 year contract.

She divulges that and much more in an awesome radio interview with 101.1 KUFO-FM, Portland.

Get the MP3 here.

Battlestar Galactica – 3×17 Maelstrom – Bonus Scene March 6, 2007

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Just in case you haven’t seen it at here’s the bonus scene from last weeks’ Maelstrom episode.

Makes me wonder how much additional footage they shoot beyond what actually shows up in any given show. I’d wager in this season it’s enough to shoot another two full episodes..

New Star Wars Animated Show in the Works March 6, 2007

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Looks like George Lucas was out this past week talking up his upcoming projects.

Among the most interesting is the new 3d Animated series which we could see in 2008.

He’s very excited about the animated 3D Clone Wars TV series. He is trying to recreate the ambiance of a SW film in cartoon form – “there won’t be anything on TV like it” – it’ll be “smart ass comedy with contemporary humor.” It won’t be dealing with the Skywalker story. The emphasis is on freedom to portray anything they feel like; for instance some episodes are just about clonetroopers, another features as the main character Kit Fisto. He’s going to make 100 episodes, doesn’t have a network yet.

–more details at TheForce.Net