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Battlestar Galactica MMO will be browser based June 14, 2010

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Massively Multiplayer online games all require some kind of PC based installation media right?

NOT ANYMORE – the upcoming Battlestar Galactica MMO will be browser based leveraging the Unity engine which uses the open source Mono project for some online .NET goodness.

A browser based game is an amazing feat – it means that it will be more accessible than any other comparable MMO – AND might well be able to bridge the Linux/Windows/Mac gap and run everywhere.

“We are very excited to demonstrate to our friends in the media attending E3 Expo that Bigpoint and our partners at NBCU and Syfy are intent on creating a compelling gameplay experience that is available to anyone with a browser worldwide without a huge download,” explains Heiko Hubertz, CEO and founder of Bigpoint in a statement. “Battlestar Galactica Online will be an accessible, story-driven experience that will be executed to the highest level of quality for the browser-based platform. It’s our most ambitious project ever and we want fans of the show to know that we are committed to delivering.

As for the game itself – trailers always look awesome – so whether this game is any good remains to be seen.


Caprica – Daniel Greystone finally realizes Zoe is a Cylon March 15, 2010

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Man is Caprica a slooooow show. This past week’s episode The Imperfections of Memory did however fill on some key new dramatic points.

Joseph Adama has finally made it into V-world which is great, but we suspect they’re going to stretch it out until he actually finds Tamra  – maybe 6 episodes from now at the current sloooow pacing of this show.

And finally after all this time, Daniel Greystone has finally realized that the Zoe is the cylon — but only thanks to the dog.

Lots of depth to this show, but probably a bit too much complexity to make this show have a decent pacing.

Were it not for the Battlestar Galactica connection, we’d give up on this show – at least as a weekly concern. Watching two or three episodes at a time with the fast forward button ready to go is probably the best way to watch this show now.

Caprica – Know Thy Enemy – Vergis vs. Graystone who will win? March 8, 2010

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Yeaah Caprica is still a slow and plodding show. But its depth of plot complexity is interesting.

This week’s episode – Know Thy Enemy -didn’t include anything on Tamra Adama, which we were really hoping for.

Instead we get Vergis — the Tauron businessman that is now out to destroy Greystone — need stuff and kind of fun – though in a very civilized sort of way.

Of course Greystone will sell the Bucks to Vergis – just a matter of time right? But will it ever be tied back to Joseph Adama? we’ll see.

Oh and how about that neat little side trip – with Zoe connecting with Philomon on the holobands? cutesy but fun right?

Caprica – Is Tamra Adama going to take over Vworld? March 1, 2010

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Caprica is a slow show – but the last two episodes (5&6) especially this week’s episode There Is Another Sky really are helping to pick the show up.

The Greystone’s are now finally starting to build out the Cylon race – hurrah! since we suspect that Daniel Greystone is one of the final 6 cylons.

The whole Adama plot line is a bit weak – except for the resurgence of Tamra. We did not see that coming.

She goes from being this meek teenager that can’t feel her heart – to now being an invincible weapon in the holobands. Wow.  Yes Joseph Adama will find her and it will be…’interesting’

Eventually Daniel Greystone will have to figure out that the Cylon race is being driven by Zoe’s avatar too – or will he?

And of course — we still need to find out about the soldiers of the one.

Caprica : Who is Alpha? Soliders of the One February 7, 2010

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Third episode of Caprica – gives us more insight into the mysterious Soliders of the One (STO) – and their leader.


Is Alpha a Cylon? of course he is, because Daniel Greystone is a cylon one of the final 5 or final 7 – the missing link that Battlestar Galactica never showed us — though we know that there was a human-looking cylon called Daniel.

Overall a decent episode, lots of depth to it, Adama and his brother are interesting , but it’s the soliders of the one that are the key here..

Caprica episode 3 Preview: Reins of A Waterfall February 4, 2010

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New episode of Caprica is on Friday night and SyFy now has a sneak peak video up.

ummmmmmmmmmmm dumb question but aren’t trailers supposed to be exciting?

Caprica has potential, but unless this show kicks up the intensity a few notches it won’t live as long as its successor Battlestar Galactica

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Caprica Rebirth – Zoey Graystone is a Terrorist February 1, 2010

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Finally!! the first ‘real’ episode of Caprica – after the pilot movie. Rebirth was an interesting episode on many different levels — though it lacked the intensity of the pilot.

How could Daniel Greystone not put 1+1 together to see that the prototype cylon had the Zoey Avatar in it?

That aside it was cool to have the cylon/Zoe mix how she sees herself and how the world does.

The whole thing with Adama’s uncle – the Tauron crook was kinda neat too. The elder Adama had only a bit part in this episode though.

and of course the finale was solid – i wonder how Greystone’s stock will do now?

Daily News from Caprica – The Caprican site takes off January 14, 2010

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Do you really want to get into the world of the pre-apocalyptic cylon destroyed Caprica?
well now you can with the new  Caprican news site- which looks like a daily newspaper from our favorite planet among the 13 colonies – (frak you picons!)

Yeaaah just all part of the lead up hype for the Caprica series – but still good fun…especially the Google Ads…
I guess the even though Google has been kicked out of China (or will be) the colonies are still a good place for search ads.

Battlestar Galactica : The Plan – two word review – IT SUCKS November 18, 2009

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Yeaah we were waiting for Battlestar Galactica The Plan for months. And yeaah we watched within a few days of its release.

It is so shockingly BAD that it has taken this long for us to have the stomach to write a review.

Battlestar Galactica deserves better than this kind of treatment. I don’t know if Ron Moore was smoking crack when he put this together or what was going on, but it’s totally wrong.

This isn’t a movie – it’s more like a disconnected collection of snippets that make little sense. Sure if watch the movie a few times and try and place each section in the Battlestar Galactica timeline it might start to make sense…eventually.

As a standalone movie this move does not stand at all and is not watchable. It’s that bad.

It could have been called “The Confession of the Ones” but overall it adds nothing to the BSG canon. I think this movie should be labeled by fandom as “The Mistake” and just forget about this frakking pile of bantha fodder.

BSG can do better. Razor was a decent standalone movie that added to the BSG universe in a really cool way. Perhaps after Ron Moore went nuts declaring Kara Thrace and Angel (wtf??!!) he’s no longer sane and isn’t capable of producing decent BSG stuff anymore.

New Caprica Trailer – Choice November 4, 2009

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We’re still a few months away until the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica – the series gets going on SyFy (Jan 22).

But that’s not stopping SyFy from promoting the show. The latest trailer gives us some interesting insight into the themes for the first season and show us the key terrorist leader Barnabus Greeley

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Battlestar Galactica Babes in Maxim. The Plan has R Rated Intense Sex October 14, 2009

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Battlestar Galactica the Plan is out on Oct 27 and to help promote the event, Trica Helfner (six) and Grace Park posed for Maxim.

Yeaah hot toasters.

Not only are they posing for some explicit pics, they’re also hinting at some explicit scenese in the upcoming DVD.
Tricia Helfer: There will certainly be a lot more explicit action on the DVD. And I refuse to have a body double, so you will see a little bit of skin from me as the Six character. There’s also a new character you’ll see in some very intense sex scenes.

That’s more than we had expected.

So not only will we finally get the Cylon viewpoint, but we’ll also get more action.

Let’s hope that somehow the whole Starbuck is an angel thing gets blown away by some more sane explanation.

Battlestar Galactica : The Second Coming. The Best BSG Movie We’ve Never Seen September 18, 2009

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Ron Moore’s re-imagined Battlestar Galactica was great show until the final episode, but still we wish for the original don’t we?

As it turns out Richard Hatch (the original Apollo) tried in 1999 to get a new SG series on the air that would maintain the original 1978 show’s canon and history.

He apparently had 30 minutes of final footage which has never been shown publicly. But there is also a 4 minute trailer that give us a taste of the greatness that it could have been.

Many of the original BSG actors are in this and the SFX aren’t too bad either. I wish that Hatch would release the final 30 minutes, I’d pay to see it and I’d bet millions of other fans would too.

Battlestar Galactica The Plan on DVD Oct 27. Not on TV until 2010 September 17, 2009

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theplan NO I don’t frakkin know why Starbuck is an Angel and yes the final episode of Battlestar Galactica SUCKED.

But we’re going to get a second chance. On October 27th the Battlestar Galactica movie The Plan is coming out on DVD. Originally it was first to be on TV, but now it’s not going to be broadcast until 2010.

Yes I’ve already pre-ordered by copy(Battlestar Galactica: The Plan
). I’m looking for redemption.

I’m looking for the awesomeness that was Battlestar Galactica to show up again.

I’m looking for the Evil Toasters to be Evil and not angels.

In some way this re-telling from the beginning reminds me of what happened with Babylon 5. First it was on TV and then the direct to video movies game out ()Battlestar Galactica: The Plan) and the movies were awesome, filling in all the blanks.

Will the Plan live up to our high expectations?

After the TOTAL FRAKKING DISASTER that was the BSG finale, so long as Starbuck isn’t an angel, this movie will be 10x better.

Battlestar Galactica Caprica is Awesome May 11, 2009

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caprica Finally got the chance to watch Caprica and it sure is a worthy addition to the Battlestar Galactica canon.

The show is deep and complex, with great characters and fine actors.

The challenge of mono-theism vs polytheism is something that the regular Battlestar Galactica never really explored..It’s a very interesting take about prejudice too. It’s not what I had expected — it was better.

The whole holoband concept was also something un-expected and very entertaining.

The weird part from a connectivity point of view though – is the cylons predate Daniel Greystone by thousands of years according to BSG. So is Daniel really one of the final 7? He isn’t really inventing the Cylons but rather re-inventing them right?

Overall a really great start and a show that we are very much looking forward to watching weekly soon!

Battlestar Galactica Caprica out TODAY April 21, 2009

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Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica prequel is out today!
Sci Fi channel has ordered 20 hours of the Battlestar Galactica prequel but it all starts with this pilot available first on a direct to DVD.

After the tremendous dissapointment of the final Battlestar Galactica episode, Caprica represents another opportunity for us the fans to get back into the BSG universe before the FRAKKERS decided to fly their ships into the sun, become farmers and oh yeah Kara Thrace is an angel.

Here we get to see the colonies before the blasphemy of the final episode…a chance to start fresh and see things in a different light.

We’re excited for Caprica, we hope it’s as good as the Battlestar Galactica mini-series was – we’ll see…

Battlestar Galactica The Plan. Wonder if they all think they’re angels March 24, 2009

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Battlestar Galactica’s finale was kinda sucky – but we get a chance to do it again – from the Cylon point of view – from the beginning.

Babylon 5 did a similar thing with its movies – going back after shows were on TV to fill in the blanks and it really worked.

Let’s hope The Plan is frakking awesome

Battlestar Galactica Caprica -7 new clips March 23, 2009

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capricaNow that Battlestar Galactica is done – we’ve got the prequel to look forward to on April 21st (pre-order Caprica on Amazon is now only $17.49)

The first few clips we’ve seen of Caprica – were well…FRAKKING LAME. So SyFy (yeaah idiotic name if there ever was one) has pushed out 7 new clips to try and show us that there is more to the show.

And there is more. Caprica could be really good on the whole and we’re looking forward to seeing the whole thing.


Battlestar Galactica Finale – What The Frak Was That? Starbuck an angel? Let’s fly all our ships into the sun? March 21, 2009

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After all the excitement – 6 years of TV dating back to the original mini-series in 2003. This is how it ends.

Starbuck isn’t a Cylon – she’s an ‘angel’? what was her ship that came back then?

The first hour of this show Season 4 Episode 20 Daybreak (Daybreak, Part 3) was great – the assault on the Cylon colony – centurions fighting centurions classic and new…guns blazing in all out slaughter.

The deal with Cavel – also was Tyrol going nuts when he realized who killed Calli that was all neat up until they jumped away.

Then the show went right to hell.

Lets fly all our ships into the sun because technology is bad?? WHAT THE FRAK IS THAT.

(yes it was cool to hear the classic Battlestar Galactica theme though as the ships sailed into the sun though).

The visions of Caprica and Baltar were just angels too? I’m not sure about that.

The whole idea that the Galactica’s crew then goes on 150,000 years later  to help seed humanity on Earth — that was kinda neat and it was neat to see Ron Moore at the newsstand in New York City.

This is it? Really?

So yes there were some redeeming moments to this series finale for sure. Yes it did try and tie up as many loose ends as possible. But it was in our view still somewhat disappointing.

Battlestar Galactica in this new creation has always tried to take a high moral ground and be about more than just science fiction. But to say that technology is the root of evil is just wrong. For the colonists to give up their ships and technology entirely makes no sense. For Starbuck to just be an ‘angel’ makes no sense.

Of all the great BattleStar Galactica episodes – and there have been some 80 hours of it at this point – this is not Galactica’s finest hour. Not by a long shot.

It’s a mediocre and unsatisfying end to a magnificent series.

We will miss you Galactica and we will remember the good times, the great times, the fantastic characters and scenarios and we will be grateful. It will be hard for anyone to ever replace you.


Battlestar Galactica Top Five Episodes March 17, 2009

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With only 1 episode left – BattleStar Galactica’s run will finally come to an end.

In celebration we’re running a small poll to see what readers see as their favorite BSG episode

Battlestar Galactica Daybreak – One Episode to Go March 14, 2009

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The thin red line…wow.

Daybreak, Part 1 – what we are calling Season 5 Episode 9 (SciFi calls is Season 4 Episode 19) The second last episode ever of Battlestar Galactica was all about setup for the final and ultimate showdown.

Instead of Galactica going out with a whimper she will go out with a bang.

Instead of limping away to try and find a hiding spot for humanity.. Galactica will make one last attack against the Cylons.

It is as it should be.

The show will end will on big final battle to end all battles between the Cylons and the Humans and Galactica will go out in a blaze of glory with her guns firing into the Cylon beast.

Just awesome.

Not so sure about all the Caprica flashbacks in this episode – neat to see that Caprica 6 cared about Gaius’s dad..the other stuff…not so sure.

The red line across the dead was a brilliant dramatic angle for sure too.

And when did Tyrol end in lock-up? sure he belonged there but…

Hard to believe that after all these years we’re almost at the end – even harder to believe that the end WASN’T Earth but is something else…likely the death of the Battlestar Galactica itself and everyone on it.