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Boba Fett is Dead. Dark Times out of the Wilderness is over. Crimson Empire III is over too April 25, 2012

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Dark Horse Star Wars overload this week and we couldn’t be more excited
Leading the hit parade this week is STAR WARS BLOOD TIES BOBA FETT IS DEAD #1 (OF 4). YEEAAAh illustrated or should we say PAINTED by Chris Scalf.

This isn’t your regular comic book art – this is


While a new Blood Ties begins – Crimson Empire III ends with issue # 6 of 6 out this week. It has been a good ride but it’s time for Kir to go now.


OOOH but wait Dark Horse has one more awesome ending for us this week with Star Wars: Dark Times-Out of the Wilderness #5 – illustrated by the one and only Douglas Wheatley. Dark Times is an awesome series that has been plagued by publishing delays since the beginning – let’s hope that this final issue is everything we’ve been waiting for!


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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic War #3 Zayne Carrick Is Still a Wimp April 9, 2012

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Zayne Carrick is the hero that we kinda/sorta love to hate.

After all he has no blood lust, he just wants to live his life, he’s not interested in being the hero.

Yet in this issue when force the Mandos to return to the planet from which the Republic drafted him, he helps them take control of a station — in an effort to save lives.


Then he comes back to help save his Republic friends.


But no, we still see no signs of his girlfriend, but for the first time in this series we do see his old ‘boss’ Gryph.

Good fun.

Star Wars Agent of the Empire #4 Jahan Cross Finally Lands on the Iron Eclipse April 9, 2012

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We had some doubts about this series when it first started, but Dark Horse and the GREAT John Ostrander have proven us wrong.

From first page to last, this issue gripped us with action that we couldn’t put down. Jahan Cross beds his enemies sister, then she gets toasted not by her brother as we expect,  instead the brother is killed by the robotkilling father.

Nice twist.

Now how are they going to get off the iron eclipse?

Sure Han and Chewie will just swoop in …..

Or will they?

In any event, the addition of Jahan Cross to the Star Wars canon is a great one, he’s a character that we want to see  a whole lot more of from Dark Horse in the months and years to come.

Star Wars Agent of the Empire and Knight of the Old Republic WAR Return to comics this week. March 14, 2012

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A great week ahead for SciFi comic book fans.

At the top of our list is Dark Horse Star Wars Agent of the Empire #4. This series first story arc is coming to a close and we really have no idea quite how this will be resolved. So far it has been a fun ride though. this new issue looks to continue that trend.

We get a double dose of Star Wars goodness this week too with the release of STAR WARS KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC WAR #3 (OF 5).

Yeaah Zayne Carrick is still a P*ssy but the story is good fun..and really we just want to see how he figures a way out of the mess that he’s stuck in…

Looking beyond Dark Horse we’re also interested in:

DC –







The JE’DAII Revealed. Where does the name Jedi come from? Dawn of the Jedi February 21, 2012

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Forget about Jedi – the new Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi Series is about the JE’DAII.

These JE’DAII are the predecessors of the Jedi we all know…they’re also a bunch of wimps that have been sequestered in black hole surrounded planet Tython to protect them.

Yeaah we’re talking about the new Dark Horse comic book here – it’s an amazing concept, but unlike Legacy which from the first page was PURE AWESOME. This title might take a bit more time till it grows on us.

What Dark Horse is doing here is giving us the ultimate prequel – but it’s a bit too far fetched in some respects..so far.

Anyways – we do find out what JE’DAII (or later Jedi) means it’s a Dai Bendu terms meaning : Mystic Center

These early jedi were all about finding balance between the light and the darkness. Though at this early stage the darkness are not the Sith.

The evil forces are led by Force Hounds like Xesh – that’s the dude on the cover of issue #1. He’s working for the Rakatan and their empire.

Apparently and this shocked us.. the Rakatan are the dudes that turn Tatooine from a lush paradise into a dessert too..

Star Wars Agent of the Empire #3 Jahan Cross is still on the run February 19, 2012

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This series is also really picking up nicely…though this particular issue was all about one thing..


Nothing more really, the agent of the empire is running from the corporate sector police (into Han Solo’s smuggling containers too!) but no new major revelations about the plot.

Still, an entertaining run..but the real plot is hopefully coming in the next issue as we finally see what this conspiracy is all about. Issues like these make us wonder if we should just wait for the trade..cause then we don’t have to wait a month to see what happens next…

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic War #2 Zayne the Mandalorian? February 19, 2012

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The first issue of KOTOR War was ok…but this second issue really picks up the pace.

We learn about the new Mandalorian Jedi..which is a neat idea and one that we hadn’t seen before It’s also neat that they drafted Zayne and the commander of his ship too…though that didn’t quite work out.

This is an engaging story..we’re not quite sure what happens on the next page and that’s how we like it. This is a story that keeps us guessing and amazed by it unfolds.

We should see Zayne finding a way to leave the Mandalorian army sooner rather than later..but it’ll be interesting to see how much damage he does first.

Dark Horse Releases Three BIG Star Wars titles this week: Crimson Empire III, Agent of the Empire Iron Eclipse and KOTOR War! February 8, 2012

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Wow what a great week for SciFi comic fans!

We’ve got at least four really great titles out this week from Dark Horse alone to look forward too.

At the top of  our list is Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: War #2 – sure we weren’t thrilled with the first issue, but hey we’re sure thrilled to have KOTOR back!

Next up is STAR WARS CRIMSON EMPIRE III EMPIRE LOST #4 (OF 6). This is a series that we waited years for and each issue is better than the next.

Rounding out this week’s Star Wars triumvirate of comics is

STAR WARS AGENT OF The EMPIRE IRON ECLIPSE #3 (OF 5) – we loved the last issue and can hardly wait to crack this one open.

Dark Horse also has DARK MATTER #2 (OF 4) – which is written by the team behind Stargate (the show!) and hey it’s kinda neat too.

And next week – Dawn of the Jedi #1 is out!! can this month get any better?

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Star Wars Agent of the Empire: Iron Eclipse #2 January 28, 2012

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20120128-202736.jpg No we weren’t big fans of the first issue of this series…but it turns out we’ve been proven wrong.

Issue #2 is awesome.

Jahan Cross is a real character and this title has a real plot. We can hardly remember the last time there was as much intrigue in ANY Star Wars title as this one. Yeaah he really is the James Bond of Star Wars..he lands the lady (then is framed for her death) while still getting the step daughter to help him out. Twist after twist.

It’s still not entirely clear to us how this will end up (which is a good thing, easy predictable plots are boring). We don’t know how Jahan will get out of this or what the Iron Eclipse really is all about (yet).

While we weren’t too excited with the first issue, man are we glad we stuck around for the second, this book is a keeper and another winner from John Ostrander (no it’s still not as AWESOME as Legacy but hey it’s still a great read).

Star Wars Agent of the Empire: Dark Horse? Srsly? You’re doing this instead of Legacy?? December 18, 2011

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Ever since John Ostrander revealed he would be working on a new series – after the greatest Dark Horse Star Wars comic of all time — Legacy — we’ve been excited about his new project.

After reading it – we’re interested, but a bit underwhelmed.

Agent of the Empire is essentially a James Bond kind of character working for the Empire.

Ok that’s alright, but he’s a stick figure of a character (so far) without much personality.

That artwork is passable and not up to Legacy standards yet either.

And from a canon perspective – when did we find out that Han Solo went to the Imperial Academy? somehow i missed that before…a neat twist though and seeing a younger Han Solo makes this book almost worthwhile.

So long story short, empire’s agent is hunting down bad apples in the Empire…..

Sure we’ll keep reading this – it’s only a five issue series after all – but the premise isn’t nearly as strong as the previous generation of Star Wars titles and so far, neither is the plot, artwork or characters.

Star Wars Dark Times : Out of the Wilderness part 1 REVIEW August 10, 2011

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Dark Times was one of our fav Star Wars comics when it first appeared on the shelves a few years back….
Then the Dark Times came to Dark Times…and the braniacs at Dark Horse delayed issue after issue….and it became hard to follow…
That said when all the issues did come out, especially for the last Blue Harvest series, they were awesome. The art of Wheatley is second to none.

Dark Times is now back with Out of the Wilderness, penned by none other than Dark Horse’s head editor Randy Stradley. The first issue has a great pace and a good mix of three plotlines. We’ve got Vader on the hunt for Jedi Jennir, Jennir on the run…then we’ve got Bomo and crew looking for Jennir too…

And of course the art is just brilliant too.


Dark Horse FINALLY bring Star Wars comics to Apple iPad July 22, 2011

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It’s about time.
Finally we’ve got Star Wars comics on the Dark Horse digital platform…

But wait..it’s not all of ’em.

AND FRAK YOU DARK HORSE it’s not even the current ones coming out this week.

Dark Horse is making old books (including the original Marvel Series) some new stuff, including some Knights of the Old Republic, Old Republic and Star Wars Legacy War – available.

It’s a mixed bad and not complete. Let’s hope that Dark Horse build a complete back catalogue and more importantly begins to ship digital titles the same day as the paper ones.

And oh yeah the prices is better.

From our brief look, most titles are $1.99 instead of the $2.99 or $3.50 that most Dark Horse print Star Wars titles have been lately. So yeaah this could (eventually) be a really good deal and the final nail in the coffin for our local comic book store. Why pay more when we can get it all on the iPad instantly for less?

Dark Horse Comics - Dark Horse Comics

Star Wars Jedi The Dark Side is a great comic book series June 29, 2011

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20110629-085443.jpg Now that Dark Horse has finished off Legacy..we’ve been looking at new series…

First up is Jedi the Dark Side… Now the art isn’t what we typically like..but after reading the first two issues it has started to grow on us.

Qui Gon is the central character but he’s not the jedi of episode one and he sure likes to yell at his padawan..Xanatos.

The Jedi librarian character Tahl is really interesting too as she comes off As the wise jedi master..

Where will this series go? What will happen to Xanatos? We know Qui Gon gets Obi Wan as a padawan at some point and a master only gets one padawan..

Star Wars Legacy War # 6 REVIEW June 4, 2011

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Just wow.
What an amazing finale to an amazing series.
Cade chooses the light and drives his lightsaber through Darth Krayt
cade’s mom saves cade with a family pic
Roan Fel dies..
The galaxy is ruled by a triumvirate of empire, alliance and jedi..

Oh and Cade? Back to being a pirate….

This is an ending that solves most of the loose ends..and is a real ending…..

Sure the sith will come back one day…but for now everything has been settled. From begining to the end Legacy has been the best Star Wars comic of all time and one of the best stories in the entire cannon.

Briiliant storytelling, matched with glorious artwork combined to deliver an experience that we will dearly miss.

And yes we will miss Cade…..but somehow, we don’t think we’ve seen the last of him yet…

Star Wars Legacy WAR Ends – The end of the Legacy Era. Will Cade Skywalker survive? May 23, 2011

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This week will see the END


(there ain’t NO MORE)

of the greatest SciFi comic book series of all time.

After 56 issues (50 regular and 6 Legacy War), Star Wars Legacy is coming to a close with Star Wars Legacy: War #6. We don’t think that Dark Horse will be extending beyond this (but hey those FRAKKING DOUCHE BAGS have done this to us before).

Legacy coming to an end…will Cade survive? Will Darth Krayt? Cade’s mom has gotta be toast? Will Roan Fel emerge as the new emperor? Will the galaxy be united?

There are so many questions and so many sub-plots in play, we don’t know HOW Dark Horse can wrap this up in one issue. In any event, Legacy writers and artists, John Ostrander in particular has never disappointed us and we can hardly wait to pick this book up.

Star Wars Knight Errant Novel is AWESOME April 22, 2011

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We finally got our hands a copy of John Jackson Miller’s Knight Errant novel.

We loved the comic book so we had some pretty high expectations. How do you translate a comic to a book?

As it turns out, it translates exceptionally well. This is a story that has more story arcs than 20 issues of Dark Horse comics would have provided.

Kerra doesn’t just deal with Damian and Odion but a whole host of Sith baddies..and even uncovers the truth about who controls Sith space.

With twists and turns all over the place, this is one of the best Star Wars books we’ve read in years. Solidly entertaining and engaging on every level.

We highly recommend it.

Dollhouse Dark Horse one shot isn’t a one shot.. April 9, 2011

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epitaph one was where the dollhouse show ended. The comic starts at the same spot ..but unlike the show this is really quite lame. In a one shot we expect a self contained story, but that’s not what we get. This is just a drawn out prologue for a new dollhouse comic book series.

We don’t have a problem with that, but hey the one shot should have been btw.

Star Wars Agent of the Empire – Is this the Legacy successor? March 25, 2011

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One of our favorite Star Wars authors of all time, John Ostrander is set to pen the next big Star Wars series from Dark Horse.

According to Dark Horse:”Ostrander, who was part of the Dark Horse panel, described it as “James Bond meets Star Wars.” He said that because the story’s superspy for the Sith is working in the classic era of the films, we may see the return of several beloved characters, including Han Solo, Leia, and Winter.”

Sounds good to us. We have seen some limited detective type novels in the Star Wars universe, but never in the comics..

Star Wars Legacy War #3 – Jedi/Fel Imperials and Galactic Alliance Join to Crush the Sith March 7, 2011

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Wow…where do we begin to review a comic as fantastic as Dark Horse’s Star Wars Legacy War #3?

After 52 issues, Morrigan Cade finally reveals herself to her son an Nyna Calixte – SHOCKING that after all this time, he had no idea about the double life…

Yet he still knew about his sister…

Andwhat was up with Darth Talon showing up with a carbonite slab?

COME ON? Don’t tell me that Cade couldn’t smell a trap..that just seems odd…then again..it’s a trap within a trap within a trap isn’t it?

Cade figured he outsmarted Krayt by making a stand, which as it turns is exactly what Krayt figured Cade would do…


For the first time ever we have the Galactic Alliance, Roan Fel’s Empire, Krayt’s Empire and the Jedi in one place.WOW.

wE CAN hardly wait till next month to see the action unfold.

Star Wars Legacy War #2 Is Cade Skywalker’s Mom Toast? February 11, 2011

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It’s hard to believe that over the course of 51 issues (50 regular series and 1 of War) that Cade Skywalker had NEVER


Met Admiral Gar Stazi before. That’s shocking.

But it’s great that they finally have – and oh yeah Darth Krayt should be shaking in his big Sith boots.

Cade is Sith Killing Machine and he’s unstoppable now.

But his mom is stoppable – Is She Dead now? Somehow we don’t think so and it’s now likely that she’ll move full time to helping her son the Galactic Alliance and Roan Fel…

Speaking of Roan Fel – aside from running away from Sith — what’s up with him? He’s the weak link of the bunch. Not the ultra-dude that Cade is, not the General like Gar Stazi and not the maniac that Krayt is now becomming either.

All in all, this issue continues to remind us why Star Wars Legacy is the best comic book title ever produced by Dark Horse.
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